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Giovonna Scott

​   Giovonna's whole life has been surrounded by a love of horses. They are noble, beautiful, sensitive, forgiving, and courageous. They have been her life-long teachers. They have taught her more about life than any person.

​   Giovonna offers a unique combination of classical dressage training along with Hunter/Jumper training, to create a trusting and confident relationship between horse and rider. She has a solid background in starting young horses and has successfully developed and polished many "average" horses into competitive dressage and hunter/jumper horses.


Giovonna focuses on bio-mechanics of both horse and rider to create "balance in movement". An Emphasis is placed on helping riders achieve a functional, effective and elegant position.  The focus with the horses is always to develop both their confidence and respect in the rider along with establishing self carriage.

   Giovonna is committed to her horses and students and offers them a thorough training program. She has a background in show-jumping and combined training, but has spent several years focusing primarily on Dressage. Giovonna has competed successfully to Fourth level dressage ​and has earned her USDF Bronze medal and is currently working toward her Silver medal on her horse Worldaway.

Giovonna age 5 on her pony Jesse

Giovonna and her horse Wonderous

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